house party

An invitation to Christians

explore joiNing our rural church plant



What is a House Party?

Quite simply, our Peak Trinity House Party is an opportunity for one or more individuals or families to spend quality time with us, in the Peak District, in order to explicitly explore the possibility of joining Peak Trinity.

Anyone can visit and encourage us at our Wednesday meeting and, indeed, at our Sunday gathering in Bakewell - our House Parties are for those compelled to seriously explore joining us for the long-term!

When is OUR next House Party?

We envisage a few each year. After we have heard from you (see form below) we will reach out in order to organise the House Party at a mutually convenient weekend.

What are our House Party timings?

We would envisage the House Party beginning at 10:30am on a Saturday morning and guests departing for home after 6:30pm on the Sunday. These timings are of course flexible and a family would be pleased to host if you needed to stay the night before.

Where would you stay?

The Peak Trinity family will be delighted to accommodate and feed you over the weekend at no cost to yourselves.

What would you do?

You will spend the weekend with our current small team - eating together, walking (and other leisure activities) and having informal discussion/teaching on our values and distinctives. You will also join us for our Sunday meeting in Bakewell (and join us for our shared tea afterwards), before departing for home.

is the House Party for you?

This invitation is for you if you have explored our values, checked out the A29 distinctives and you see an alignment with your own beliefs and convictions - perhaps you have read some of Total Church, Everyday Church or Gospel-Centred Church and are compelled by a vision to be part of a rural gospel-centred family on mission. The button below will take you to the latest edition of our membership pack which you may find helpful:

Who is the House Party NOT for?

In short, the House Party is not for you if:

  • You are NOT serious about exploring joining Peak Trinity for the long-term

  • You are NOT aligned to our values and distinctives and, therefore, there is a likelihood that you will not be able to submit to God’s word as taught by our leadership

  • You are NOT a baptised Christian and you do not currently participate in the Lord’s Supper

  • You are NOT currently submitting to God’s word as taught by your elders

  • Your current leadership discourages your attendance

Our House Parties are for those that have included their current leadership in their thinking and are in good standing with respect to their current church.

Still want to be part of a House Party?

Great - If you are keen to explore joining Peak Trinity, through a House Party, then please complete the House Party initial contact form below:

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Current Pastor
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I will reach out to you after I have received your initial contact form. Of course though, if you have other questions, you can reach out through the email link below.

Robin Scothern

Lead Pastor - Peak Trinity Church