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For returning users:

  • Log into your existing account

  • Select "Activity" from the panel on the left and then click "send money"

  • Information from previous transfers will be saved

  • Make your selections and authorize the payment

NOTE:  The following steps are for first-time users:

Step 1 (get started)

  • Enter the dollar amount you'd like to contribute in the "you send" box (make sure the currency is set to "USD")
  • Using the drop-down box next to the "recipient gets" box, choose "GBP"
  • Click "Get started"
  • Enter an email address and create a password to sign up for TransferWise (be sure to verify your email address)

Step 2 (PERSONAL INFOrmation)

  • Confirm your contribution amount and currency selections
  • Select "Personal" and then enter your address and contact information

Step 3 (PEAK TRINITY INFOrmation)

Click "Business or charity" and enter the following information:


Name of the business: Sharrowvale WRC

Country: United Kingdom

City: Sheffield

Address: 215 Sharrow Vale Road

Postal Code: S11 8ZB

UK Sort code: 05 08 53

Account Number: 20231406

IBAN Code:  GB78YORK05085320231406

Step 4 (make PAYMENT)

  • Confirm all information, enter "TCH Peak Trinity" in the "reference for Sharrowvale WRC" box, check the "I accept" box and click "confirm and continue"
  • Choose "Bank debit" then click "Continue to payment"
  • Select your bank from the list or choose "All other banks"
  • Enter your account information and click "continue"
  • Authorize the payment